Best Drinks To Order At A Casino

best drinks casinos

Surely the internet made a lot of things easier, including gambling, as nowadays most players prefer to enjoy the comfort of their home. However, there is something just special about land-based casinos that can’t be replaced. Going to a land-based casino is an entire experience that goes beyond just the act of gambling itself, and the whole experience includes socialising, gorgeous clothes and, of course, refined drinks.If you are interested in slots, there are a number of sites like goldenslot offering this as well. 

Indeed, it is a good idea to keep a record of your drinks since most establishments will try their best to keep the gamblers in their seats and the money on the table. It’s undeniable that a great drink is a perfect touch to sunless hours spent in a great casino, and no great memories come accompanied by water.

Remember that playing in a land-based casino is very different from playing on a website like Casumo Casino. It doesn’t pay to get fancy and order a drink that you will most likely not enjoy and pay a healthy price for it in a local establishment. That’s why you’ll find below some of the most popular drinks, which prepared nicely, can significantly enhance your whole casino experience. 

Dry Martini

dry martini drink

No one really knows when and who mixed the world’s first Martini; however, the drink’s current form appeared around 1905. The recipe is five parts gin and one part dry vermouth, mixed together in a cold glass. The drink is usually served with a garnish of either a lemon or an olive. 

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This mix was marketed as a popular casino drink thanks to the James Bond movies. If you want to feel like a classy spy and give out a sexy vibe, the Dry Martini is definitely the go-to pick. 

Gin and Tonic

This is a simple, easy to make but at the same time classy and refreshing drink. Gin and Tonic is made out of quality gin and tonic water. The recipe is 2 parts gin and 4 parts tonic water with a garnish of lime. It is a drink that usually opens or closes the party as it is invigorating and can set the mood.  

It is often labelled as a “girl’s drink”, but nonetheless, it is perhaps the most popular cocktail served in any casino. As an added bonus, it’s not as expensive as other drinks on this list. 


fancy casino drinks

The Screwdriver is a very popular basic drink made with just two simple ingredients, vodka and orange juice. This drink was first mentioned in 1944 in a Newsweek article and later on in 1949 in Times magazine. Over the years, the Screwdriver got many variations, such as the Slow Screw, the Slow Comfortable Screw or Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall and even a Virgin Screwdriver, which is actually a non-alcoholic version with just tonic water and orange juice. The original recipe contains only one part vodka and two parts orange juice, and its served in a cold glass.  

A screwdriver can be ordered at a casino bar, and the orange juice will surely provide the sweet energy needed while the vodka will add a little bit of fun. 

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Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is one of the most popular drinks and one of those that developed into most variants over time. According to his granddaughter, this drink was originally invented by FernandPetiot in 1921, and it is made of just vodka and tomato juice. However, over time, a lot of spice was added to the drink, and it became popular in almost any single bar, restaurant and land-based casino around the world. 

A simple yet great drink. It has alcohol to boost the fun, bitterness for balance, and if mixed correctly with the right spices, it can be one of the best drinks on a budget you could enjoy at a casino. 


Considered a drink used for celebration, Champagne is actually a French sparkling wine that got its name after a specific region of France. While the term Champagne is used as a generic term for all sparkling wines, it is illegal in most countries to label any product as Champagne unless it comes precisely from that wine region in France. 

This drink is obtained through a secondary fermentation process of the wine, which causes carbonation. It is believed that Champagne goes way back to the 16th century and became associated with nobility and royalty. 

Contrary to most beliefs, Champagne is not as consumed in casinos as other drinks on this list. Just like the Dry Martini, this drink was also marketed through movies. If you decide to order Champagne at a casino, do it for a celebration, after you’ve scored a big win. 

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Piña Colada

This is not such a popular drink in some parts of the world compared to the others on the list. However, it is an excellent choice if you’re planning to try your luck at a casino. Piña Colada is a drink that originates in Puerto Rico, and it is made with rum, coconut milk or coconut cream and pineapple juice. This is one of the oldest beverages, and it dates back to 1825, being referred for the first time in 1950 in an article by The New York Times

Suppose you are looking for a sweet, fruity taste with a very tiny alcohol proportion that will give you the energy needed but isn’t strong enough to affect your gambling session. In that case, Piña Colada is just the right choice. 

Even serious players who see gambling as a profession will enjoy a nice drink from time to time. Remember that playing at a land-based casino is a social experience above all else. Drink what keeps you fresh and in total control and just enough to boost the whole experience, not numb it. 

While there are plenty of land-based gambling establishments that will offer alcohol at no charge, the above list will still not be taxing on your wallet, even if you would have to pay for them.

Without any other worlds, go out, enjoy a great drink and make the most out of a beautiful experience in a casino.