Belle Delphine Lyrics – Belle Delphine Ass

Eat My Ass

Mix it up boy

Bust it down
Let me get a little frosting on the top yum
Selling cookies making money, getting guap
You like it when my apron tied up in a knot
I’m opening my shop, spreading on this tabletop
I got the whipped cream, whip mean, all up in your whip
I got the chai tea spiced up, wanna take a sip?
You know I’m at you come through, take another whip
I got the whole dish, candles on the cake, make a wish (Mwah)

Beam me up, Scottie
I’m a good girl, never naughty
Got this ice all on my body
Got the cake pop with Bugatti
They came from my latest addy
Recipes, I did somebody, ay
I can be a little cocky
Only ‘cuz I’m a sollia

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Come into my kitchen, watch me cook (Cook!)
Cook it up
There’s no competition, let me hook (Hook!)
Hook you up
I bake you to submission so that you can tear it up
I know you liking this position
Tray down, cookies up (See?)


Eat My Ass Lyrics