Why Does Fire Pit Shape and Size Matter for You

Fire Pit

Fire pits in your backyard provide you with loads of fun and amusement in your outdoor space. You may use them to toss up delicious meat, grill food, and even roast marshmallow desserts. Fire pits add more warmth and ambiance when gathering with family or friends for some good food and conversation. They perk up your outdoor area. When you have a fire pit, you also need quality covers to protect it from the elements.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, outdoor fire pits take your outdoor space to an outstanding level as it adds awesome warmth and ambiance to your outdoor party.

The most essential aspects of fire pits are their shape and size. Why do they matter? Read on to get your answers.

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Cover for your round fire pit

Rounds pits are extremely popular among homeowners and you need the perfect sized cover for these fire pits. You need to measure the pit to get a perfect size. Usually, people measure pits by the width of the outermost ends. For instance, if your pit measures 32 inches in diameter, you need to get a fire pit cover 3-4 inches bigger in diameter. It means that if your pit is 32 inches, you will need a cover, measuring 36 inches.

Height of your fire pit covers

Height is also important. If your fire pit is 20 inches in height, you should look for a firepit cover a couple of inches shorter. It is essential so that the cover does not touch the ground and gets dirty.

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Covers with toggle and drawstring

Some round pits have a toggle and drawstring, which help you to keep the cover secured over the dire pit. All you need to do is tighten the toggle and drawstring. It is important so that the cover is flush against the pit surface. It helps it to keep the cover above the ground so that it does accumulate dust, dirt, and water. It also helps to keep the cover on the pit on windy days.

Cover for square fire pit

The same rule holds for square pits just as round ones. You need to measure the length as well as the width of the fire pit and choose a cover a couple of inches bigger. Since square pits aren’t so popular, finding the right-sized covers is a bit challenging. In case, you do not find the best-fitting square cover, opt for a circular cover. A round cover will fit the square pit around two-third of the diameter when it comes to round cover. It means that a 48 inches round cover will fit a 32 inches square fire pit.

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When you are out in the market to shop for fire pit covers, always choose waterproof products. There are some PVC sheet varieties. Do not choose these covers because they will crack or flake in cold weather. Use pit covers that have toggle and drawstring that ensures the best fit for your fire pit. Therefore, you need to choose the right shape and size for your backyard fire pit to keep it protected from dirt, dust, insects, and of course, the elements.