What to Do If You Constantly Feel Dizzy?



Dizziness is a dangerous symptom, often followed by fainting and other unpleasant things. If you experience this, contact your doctor immediately. Mild dizziness can occur if you get up abruptly, and before that, you lay for a long time, forgot to eat, or went too far with alcohol. When the negative factor is eliminated, this symptom disappears. But if you observe dizziness for no apparent reason and this happened more than one or two times, the first thing to do is to visit a doctor. 

Do Not Read Medical Articles

The development of the Internet has given rise to the illusion that there is data on the Web for any reason. All you have to do is type in your search query and get all the information you need. You don’t have to do this with sickness. There is a danger of making a completely wrong diagnosis for yourself, only getting nervous and exacerbating the situation. Often people escalate the situation or simplify it – both approaches have negative consequences. Either you treat the problem negligently, or you start to panic, predicting an almost fatal outcome for yourself. Leave the right to diagnose the doctor – let the doctor himself determine what the problem is and how to treat it.

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Do Not Take Medication Before Visiting a Doctor

This point is closely related to the previous one. To take the medicine, you need to know exactly the cause of dizziness. Otherwise, you can seriously harm yourself. You will take what stimulates blood circulation, but you should have chosen the reverse remedy. This is not the case when you can self-medicate. Before visiting a doctor, you need to ensure yourself or the person who is dizzy, complete peace, and maximum rest. If you like to play on smartphones try not to exhaust yourself playing in the 22Bet mobile app for some time. A minimum mobility and activity, no bright lights or loud sounds are preferable – a quiet homely atmosphere will be an ideal choice.

See a Doctor if Dizziness Occurs After Taking Medication

If you are being treated for a specific disease, began to take prescribed medications and noticed that your head began to feel dizzy, immediately make an appointment with the doctor again. This symptom may indicate individual intolerance, Excess dosage and other undesirable moments. The doctor will diagnose and change the treatment so that it does not cause side effects.

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Don’t Walk Down the Street or Around the House Alone

If the symptom is severe, call an ambulance and do not take long walks until then. When you feel dizzy, you may faint and hit your head on a hard surface. This is fraught with injuries, the action of which is unpredictable. One such blow takes people’s lives or makes them disabled. If you feel like your head is going to spin at any moment, or if you’ve just been in this situation before, enlist someone’s support. Have friends or relatives help, accompany and support you if you begin to faint.

Stay In Places Where There is a Place to Lie Down

If you suffer from dizziness, avoid places where there are a lot of people – various festivals, and concerts. Never stand at public transport stops or in the subway close to those areas where the transport itself moves. When you fall, you can fall on the rails, the road, or right under the wheels of a train, car or bus.

Do Not Stand For Long Periods in Stuffy Rooms

Often the cause of dizziness is banal stuffiness and lack of sufficient oxygen. This is often observed in small shops, banks, and public transport in the summer during rush hour when there are a lot of people, and there is no air conditioning system in the room. If you have such a reaction to stuffy places, do not go there or choose a time when there are fewer people. As soon as you feel slight discomfort, immediately go outside. That is why it is better to walk in the evening when there is no longer a sweltering heat outside.

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Follow Healthy Lifestyle

There are many causes of dizziness, but many of them are exacerbated by an unhealthy lifestyle. Constant smoking, drinking alcohol, various types of starvation, extremely unhealthy food, and lack of at least minimal physical activity – all negatively affect the state of blood vessels, immunity and the general condition of a person. Give up unhealthy foods, eat little and often, and focus on healthy meals, which are based on vegetables, fruits, seafood, fish, lean meat and full-fat dairy products. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, stop smoking, walk in the fresh air every day and do exercise. Remember, all these recommendations are in addition to what the doctor says. If you have experienced dizziness more than once or twice, visit your doctor immediately, because you might have trouble later.