The Newcastle United Takeover has been Finally Completed

Newcastle United

In one of the most shocking developments related to English football during recent years, Newcastle United has been finally taken over by the Saudi royal family. Of course, such maneuvers are anything but unusual. It should be remembered that royals and powerful businessmen from all over the world have done the same with squads like PSG or Manchester City. Of course, all of this will mean that making bets on Newcastle and using the 1xBet bonus on them has the potential of being potentially even more rewarding.

While the process of the takeover upon itself is quite interesting, there are many other things that must be discussed. First of all, what will happen with the team in the short term. To answer this, it is a good idea to see what happened with other squads in this situation recently. For example, Manchester City started to invest heavily in talented players after being taken over. Something similar should happen with Newcastle.

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It is also a good idea to put attention on what will happen with the rules and regulations regarding the Financial Fair Play. To summarize, this is a rule designed to prevent unfair competition between clubs with powerful billionaires behind them, and those who don’t have such support. Using the bonus 1xBet will be a highly popular option among those who want to place wagers on the Magpies.

The incredible unbeaten streak of the Italian National Football Team has come to an end

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. This is certainly the case with the impressive record that the Italian National Football team obtained. The squad didn’t lose any of its last 37 games, winning the Euro 2020 in between. Many people decided to make a 1xBet login to place their wagers on the squad during that impressive run.

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Recently, during a match between Italy and Spain, this streak came to an end, after the Azzurri were beaten 2-1 by the Spaniards in a match played in Milan. The goals were scored by:

  • Lorenzo Pellegrini for Italy;
  • and Ferran Torres, who scored twice to claim this amazing victory!

It should be stated that there was a significant occurrence that took place during the first half of the match, and can easily be attributed with having changed what came later. Specifically, right before the end of the first half, Italian defender Leonardo Bonucci got a red card after getting two yellows for two nasty challenges. This of course left his team with 10 players for more than half of the game. This severely weakened Italy’s chances of turning the game around. In any case, making a login 1xBet to bet for Spain or Italy continues to be a highly rewarding thing that people from all over the world can do.

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