Outdoor Kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Smile

Outdoor Kitchen

When the weather starts getting warmer, there’s nothing better than enjoying time outdoors with family and friends—and an outdoor kitchen makes it easy to do. A popular home addition, outdoor kitchens are known for their attractive aesthetics. If you have the space and budget for it, consider one or more of these ideas as a project for the entire family to enjoy and love.

A Built-In Grill

Adding a barbecue grill is an easy way to maximize available space, and many of the area’s homeowners pair grills with bars and other cooking appliances. With a brick façade, you’ll tie the space together and enjoy a more rustic look.

There’s nothing like a cookout on a warm summer day, and the key to success is having an outdoor grill that offers everything you need. Consider adding a food prep area for a space that allows you to create and cook a great meal every time. With help from rtaoutdoorliving.com, any homeowner can build the perfect outdoor living area.

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Going Rustic

Rustic décor is everywhere these days, and outdoor kitchens are no exception. With the addition of a few modern elements, you’ll create a trendy, personalized space that will become the focal point of your home. Brick flooring will add a quaint, rustic touch, as will wooden furnishings.

Taking a Minimalistic Approach

Even if you’re facing budgetary and space constraints, it’s still possible to build a great outdoor kitchen. Keep it simple with a cohesive layout that includes only the most important appliances, and you’ll have the space you deserve without the high price tag.

Fire Up the Pizza Oven

Take an outdoor kitchen to another level by adding a pizza oven. It’s the perfect addition—it’s lavish and contemporary, and it provides an unmistakable warmth to the space. Pair it with silver kitchen appliances for a modern, yet comfortable look.


Walking Up to the Bar

No outdoor kitchen is complete without a bar! It’s the perfect complement to a food prep station, built-in grill, and other appliances. Work with neutral colors for a more pulled-together, cohesive space, and add plenty of seating for guests.

Going Contemporary

Contemporary outdoor kitchens feature crisp, clean, lines and a modern aesthetic. Instead of traditional wooden furnishings, these kitchens typically include stainless steel appliances, neutral colors, and open spaces.

Classic, Chic Country

Simple and elegant, country chic combines wooden surfaces and dark shades for a trendy, yet cozy feel. Whether you’re building a small outdoor kitchen or a space that’s big enough for the entire neighborhood, you really can’t go wrong with country chic.


Take a Dip in the Pool

Along with a bar and a kitchen, a pool will create the ultimate outdoor gathering spot. Create your own oasis by adding resort-like, breezy décor. If the space is big enough, consider adding a marble swim-up bar.

Make it Your Own

Building a backyard kitchen provides a sense of satisfaction and pulls the entire space together. For the greatest chance of success, keep the décor simple and use familiar elements. Whether you’re working on a shoestring budget or there’s plenty of money to spend, it’s easier to build a great outdoor kitchen when working with a trusted partner. Call or click today to schedule a design consultation with one of our team members.

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