Must-Watch 21st century Comedy Films

Comedy Films

Comedy films are arguably the most elite film genre. The reason being? They make us laugh, instantly improving mood and contentment. Comedy films and series can always be caught on live TV, as long as you have a working TV aerial (click here for TV aerial installation) however, there is nothing more relaxing than settling down in the evening and embarking on a search for a hilarious comedy. Due to it being such a popular genre, the options are endless. To assist with the navigation through your favourite streaming platform, we are here to pitch a few recommendations on some top 21st century comedy films, so stay tuned. 

The Hangover 

One of the world’s most iconic movie trio’s, Phil, Stu, and Alan debuted in the first film of The Hangover trilogy back in 2009, when they embarked on a bachelor party trip to the untamed city of Las Vegas to celebrate their friend Doug tying the knot. After a wild night, they shortly realise that Doug has gone missing and undertake a mission to track him down in time for the wedding. The multi-award-winning original film is still highly favoured, and it is no surprise considering that it hit almost $470 million in the box office because of its priceless humour and unbelievable situations displayed within.  

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School of Rock 

Jack Black features in this much loved 21st century comedy film as Dewey, a guitarist who has become unable to pay his rent. With an unplanned financial crisis in his hands, his only option is to impersonate his roommate by agreeing to a substitute teacher role within a college prep school. As he realises how unacademic he is within the role, a wild idea prompts in his mind that involves turning the class into a band to assist him in an audition for the “Battle of the Bands” competition. Finally, “The School of Rock” is formed. 


New parents, Mac and Kelly Radner struggle to adapt to parent livelihood when they realise that they must leave their lives of partying behind. All is going, slightly, according to plan until the couple encounters their new neighbours. Appearing pleasant at first, they soon realise that their neighbours are a college fraternity who enjoy endless amounts of selfish partying. In an attempt to damage the friendships within the fraternity, in the hope of eventually getting them evicted from the property, the head-to-head battle between the college kids including Zac Efron and Dave Franco, and the parents, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, begins.  

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21 Jump Street 

When police academy duo, Jenko and Schmidt, portrayed by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, are assigned to infiltrate a high school following a mass synthetic drug use increase, the pair begin to take their roles as students a little too seriously, sometimes forget that they are partners. The occasional buss ups, due to being involved in different groups of friends, spark hilarity between the two as the viewer watches their fake new lives unfold. Eventually, they prove their worth as Police Officers, and friendship wins in the end.  

Knocked Up 

When opposites Alison and Ben meet on a night out, they reconcile eight weeks later after Alison discovers that she may be pregnant with Ben’s child. Although Ben, portrayed by comedy genius, Seth Rogen, is far from ready for a child due to his laidback, carefree lifestyle, he attempts to make things work with Alison for her and their future child. With some disputes regarding Ben’s actions along the way, he finally proves that he can be father material.  

Get Hard 

The content and jokes within 21st century comedy films must be taken lightly, and should especially be taken lightly in the movie, Get Hard. Starting Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, it is no surprise that this film had received criticism for being insensitive however, the movie and characters themselves are bound to leave you in fits of laughter. Ferrell portrays the character of James who following fraudulent activity, prepares for ten years in a State Prison. With the utmost fear of being exposed to prison life and inmates, James seeks help from a local car washer, Darnell, played by Hart, in an attempt to get him in shape for the unpleasant world of prison. You can watch on your laptop.

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Mean Girls  

Arguably one of the most iconic and recognisable films in chick flick history, the much-loved 21st century comedy film, Mean Girls, perfectly demonstrates the dynamics of high school life for a teenager and the hierarchies and relationships encountered within. When Lindsay Lohan’s character Cady Heron returns to the United States after residing in Africa, she struggles to find her place within the school but eventually befriends outcasts, Janice and Damien. They urge her to stay away from “The Plastics”, a group comprised of Regina George and her cronies. When a plan to spy on The Plastics results in a newly formed friendship, the carnage begins for Cady and her schoolmates through sabotaging and the infamous burn book.  

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