Important Facts about IUAC (Inter-University Accelerator Centre)

IUAC stands for Inter-University Accelerator center. Established by the Government of India in the year 1990, the construction of the center started way back in the year 1986. Under the University Grants Commission, IUAC is the first ‘’Nuclear Science Center in India’’.

The objective of IUAC

Committed to providing excellent research in the field of Nuclear Sciences, IUAC (Inter-State Accelerator Centre) is India’s recognized institute that focused on scientific study. In other words, the main aim of this center is to strengthen the youth of the nation by engaging them in the field of scientific research. The understanding here is innovation, along with broadening the horizon for deep research that is driven by motivation, enthusiasm, and courage. This is India’s premier institute where laboratory researches are held.

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What does IUAC stand for? The real scientific approach!

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The center uses the most profound and direct methods to bring to light the outstanding excellence of scientific teaching. Science is a mystery in itself and keeping track of the relationship between ‘’space, time and energy’’ is the objective of study here. The center also focuses on using premium tools that industry safe and guarantees better research for all.

IUACThe areas of study

At IUAC (Inter-State Accelerator Centre), it focuses on some core areas of study. These are as follows:

  • Atomic physics.
  • Health physics.
  • Scientific research.
  • Nuclear physics.
  • Studying the law of the universe.
  • Material science.
  • Radiation therapy.
  • Radiation biology
  • Accelerator spectrometry

Students can enroll themselves in any field of study at the Masters and research level. There are different criteria set for these programs, which are exclusively available during admissions and orientations.

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The values of IUAC

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IUAC (Inter-State Accelerator Centre) stands for some core values that are still believed even after 30 years of establishment. These are as follows:

Integrity and solidarity-

One of the core values that IUAC strongly believes in Integrity and Solidarity. Integrity is one of the best possible nurturing elements that set the standard of learning and education. For any research, integrity is a must. Solidarity takes into account the experience of the individual and helps to showcase his or her talent. Therefore, improving work and taking care of advanced skills is the basic strategy associated with this value.

Creative research

Again, IUAC concentrates on innovative research on all fields of scientific study. It encourages students and professionals to think deeply and make way for a better future. Participation in futuristic and creative activities is also encouraged at every step. Here, the emphasis is laid on communication and research for all.

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Collaborative efforts

Another important value that is associated with IUAC is collaborative nature. To attain the peak of excellence, collaborations are a must. Therefore, to rise and shine, IUAC makes it important to attain a significant relationship between institutions to create a better future. Developing confidence and understanding the real nature of hard work is what the center emphasizes.


By pioneering efforts in the field of research, IUAC aims for greater excellence and strong resilience. Individuals must build a feeling of self-reliance. In other ways, to achieve good quality results, focusing on core issues is a must.

IUACThe Significance of the Institution

IUAC (Inter-State Accelerator Centre) stands strong while researching about so many scientific fields. The assurance of deep research in all areas of work is one of the best elements that establish the fate of this institution. The effort to produce high-quality access to scientific tools, in addition to production and learning, seems beneficial for all researchers.