Hulu Prices Increased as Making Users Change Their Subscription Plan


Comcast’s NBCUniversal and Walt Disney jointly own a significant proportion of the American subscription streaming platform Hulu. With a plethora of content available on the platform, it is an optimal choice for streaming Junkies.

Although the platform is geo-blocked outside of the USA, you can get Hulu in New Zealand or anywhere outside the USA by deploying a VPN service. We advocate using ExpressVPN owing to its efficiency and swiftness.

Hulu has adapted quickly to the growing trend of price rising in the streaming platform. As a result, Hulu plans to boost its pricing by $1 for its ad-supported and $2 for its ad-free subscriptions. Nevertheless, the loyal subscribers of the giant will still want to stick to it regardless of the price hike.

And so, if you’re one such consumer, read this blog to discover ways to amend or end your subscription before the price increase takes effect. We will also consider the pricing change of Hulu.

What does Hulu currently cost?

 The following prices apply for Hulu subscriptions after 10 October 2022:

-Price of Hulu’s advertising package: $7.99/month (rather than $6.99/month)

-Price for the ad-free Hulu package: $14.99/month (rather than $12.99/month)

While the costs of Hulu’s bundles with Disney+ and ESPN+ have not yet risen, Hulu has more rising prices slated towards the end of this year.

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The rate of a combination that contains ad-supported Hulu and ESPN+, with ad-free Disney+, will rise from $13.99 to $14.99 / month. The ad-free Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ rates shall maintain the $19.99 / month.

 Walt is also offering two additional, very economical ad proposals: $9.99/month for Hulu and Disney+, & $12.99 for Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. Briefly stated, Walt has increased the prices of all 3 of its streaming platforms in the year, which comprises Hulu with Live TV. Check the Hulu bundle with Disney Plus.

How to alter a Hulu subscription model

Before the price hike, you should subscribe to Hulu’s relatively inexpensive plan. Then, straight through your Account section on, you can rapidly shift subscriptions.

-If Hulu charges you directly

Access a web or mobile browser, then log in to your user profile. Click on the section titled “Your Subscription.” Choose Manage Plan. Green highlights represent your existing plan. 

Switch the preferred program’s on/off button for an alternative method. For completion, tap Review Changes.

Moreover, the Subscription tab is where you can modify your add-ons. Just switch it on or off.

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You need access to the membership section of your account information through a web server to switch from your existing approach to one of the available tiers.

But what if you pay for your Hulu membership through a third-party provider, such as Roku or iTunes? You might be required to adjust accordingly to your subscription on a site apart from Hulu based on the service you used to purchase your Hulu subscription.

– If a third-party charge you for Hulu

You may adjust the subscription tier on your Hulu user profile if you have third-party subscriptions on platforms such as Amazon or Roku.

However, the Hulu Help Center cautions that all other providers, like Xfinity, Disney+, and Spotify, restrict their membership add-ons with specific plans and bar consumers from adjusting without accessing their respective websites.

You need first to terminate your subscription through the third-party invoice if it doesn’t possess a Hulu subscription category you prefer to be able to upgrade it. 

Then after, you’ll have to register to Hulu using the new membership plan. Your Hulu membership on your present rate might be impacted due to this.

How to terminate your Hulu account

You are always free to end your Hulu membership.

– If you’re being charged by Hulu and wish to terminate your membership,

browse your Online account using a mobile or desktop web browser. Tick Cancel in your subscription option. If you are allowed to pause the membership, press Proceed to Cancel. 

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Once you unsubscribe, “Your subscription will be canceled” must display as the status on the Profile page. An email confirmation will be generated by Hulu as well.

As long as your current subscription period is active, you’ll enjoy access to Hulu. However, a Hulu subscription will cease quickly if you unsubscribe within a trial period.

– If a third-party charge you for Hulu

There are numerous ways to cancel such a membership, depending o your third-party biller. You will be required to speak with the billing partner yourself.

From the list following, select your third-party billing company to be routed to Hulu’s support pages for each one and obtain specific instructions:  Amazon, Apple, Disney, Roku, Comcast Xfinity, T-Mobile, and Verizon are among examples of third-party providers. Also, please read our guide on does Hulu work in Mexico.

Wrap Up!

You’ll notice that the canceling route is uncomplicated, although there are various ways to accomplish it based on the platform you’re accessing and how you subscribed initially. You may effortlessly terminate your subscription and stop incurring monthly bills for it if you pursue the appropriate steps.

You can ultimately reactivate your membership and start using the services again, which is ideal if you change your opinion.