How Can I Learn English by Myself?

Learn English

It is possible to learn English on your own, but it can be challenging. Even if no one is there to help you practise, there are ways to improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. A great learning method is establishing specific objectives with a deadline. If you can’t do this, you just make things up to fool yourself.

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If you set clear objectives and allow yourself time to achieve them, you are more likely to do so. But you can’t write things like, “I want to be able to speak English fluently in 6 months.” Even though there are dates for this goal, it is not clear enough. So here are 6 super helpful tips for teaching yourself English.

Use Books, Movies, and TV Shows of Children’s

Using materials made for kids is the best way to start learning English. Why? Books, movies, and TV shows for kids are pretty basic. When a child who speaks English learns for the first time, they do the same things you are doing now. It all starts with simple words and sounds. 

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You will learn more when you combine children’s books and movies with other self-study textbooks and materials for learning a language. There won’t be much you don’t understand, making you feel better about yourself.

Listen to All and Everything

Put yourself around English. Play English music on the radio in the background. If you live where people speak English, listen to what they say. Soon, you won’t even notice; you will also be able to talk in English. Why? When a child first learns their mother tongue, they do not do so by reading or writing. People around them teach them how to talk.

At first, they do not know much or anything about it. But as time goes on, they start to learn more words. This vocabulary slowly becomes phrases, which are then combined to make complete sentences.

Look up the Lyrics and Sing Along to the Music to Learn

Try to figure out what they’re singing by looking up the lyrics. Please select your favorite phrases and record them in your notebook. Don’t forget to use them every chance you get. Just sing along with the words.

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Why? The most significant part about having to learn from songs you like is that they’re catchy, so they’ll stay in your head. Also, the songs use everyday English, so you’ll learn how most people speak.

DIY Flashcards

DIY flashcards are an excellent way to learn new words and phrases. Just write the English words on one side of an index card and your transcription on the other. When you have some free time, quickly look at the cards and see what you can remember. It’s a fantastic way to see how you measure up.

Start by looking at the English side, and remember what it says in your language. Once you’ve learned all the cards this way, turn them over and try to remember the English while looking at the translation. This is harder.

English Club

Have you gotten to know people who are in a similar situation as you? If the response is “yes,” you should use this to your advantage. Set up a group of friends who will get together at your house or a nearby cafe once a week. Do not let anyone speak their language when the club gets together. 

You can only speak English. Each week, pick one person to bring things interesting, like new English websites they’ve found, an excellent magazine article, or suggestions for movies that are easy to understand. Why? You will be able to talk to people quickly and keep in touch with them (while having fun).

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Do not Rush it

You must begin slowly if you have decided to learn English without an instructor. I do not think you can read some English, sleep, and wake up speaking it ideally. Set attainable goals and learn English every day for a set amount of time. If you can do more than 30 minutes, that’s even better. 

You can choose when, where, and how to learn English independently. However, saying, “I’m too tired” or “I’ll do it tomorrow is easy.” No one has ever been able to learn a language well like this, so if you want to, you can do it.


The learning of English language skills is not among the most challenging tasks imaginable. Even though it might be hard to teach yourself English on your own, it is not something that has never been done before.

You should be able to prepare for English on your own if you follow the advice provided in this article. Many people have taught themselves well how to speak English on their own.