Frank Zappa Lyrics – Goblingirl

Goblin Girl

Wit de goblin
De Goblin Girl
From da mystery world
Wit de goblin
She’s black ‘n green
‘Cause it’s Halloween
Raggedy black
Is the way she dress
Little green shoes
‘N her hairs a mess
On Halloween night
At de costume ball
She’s a Goblin Girl
An’ she can gobble it all
She’s a goblin
She’s a Goblin Girl
She’s a goblin
She’s a Goblin Girl
I been hobblin’
‘Cause of the Goblin
Goblin Girl…
Goblin Girl
Some girls like
To dress like a witch
Some girls like to dress like a queen
Best way a girl
Can dress for me
Is in a Goblin suit
(They look so cute…)
When they’re a goblin
There ain’t a problin
When they’re a goblin
I start a-wobblin’
Pink all over
Some is tan
Goblin Girls
From every land
They look good
From any which-a-way
Every Halloween
You can hear me say:
“Goblin Girl, take it away…”
Wit de goblin
De Goblin Girl
From da mystery world
Talkin’ ’bout the bad girls
All the Goblin Girls
Talkin’ ’bout the bad, bad girls
The little Goblin Girls
Some are called Doreen
Some are dressed in green
They’re tricking your treat
But they’re bad girls
They’re very bad girls
They make your face look like you got scales on it
But that’s okay…
When the green light shines down
On the black guys in the band
Everybody in the audience
Thinks they’re seeing something
That looks like it’s made out of Fish skin
But Coy leaves the green gels in the truss
Because he knows the guys in the front
Really enjoy looking like they’ve got
Scales all over their body…

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Goblin Girl Lyrics