Go with Flynas this time: A Low-Cost Saudi Airline


Earlier, to travel to Saudi Arabia, the only budget flight was Saudi Arabian Airlines. But in 2007, Flynas started the operation after getting the required license. Initially, the name of Flynas was Nasair, and later on it was renamed as Flynas in 2013. The flight has earned a name in the airlines because of its quality and cost-effective service in the Middle East, and many passengers prefer Flynas to travel in the region.

The company has head office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and operates from Riyadh and Jeddah. Flynas is the national Saudi Career and covers many international and domestic destinations through various flights flying every day. The airline flies within 9 destinations of Saudi Arabia and 15 other international destinations. Because of the trend and needs of the passengers, the airline is planning to touch global destinations.

Let’s dig deeper and know more about this cost-effective airline.

The Prestigious Skytrax Award

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For the consecutive two years, Flynas has been awarded with the Skytrax Award because of its cost-effectiveness in the entire Middle East. This award is given to the airlines as per their votes and surveys of the customers. This airline was voted best for its cheaper rates. Nasair got the reward during this ceremony.

As per the CEO of Flynas, Mr. Bander Al-Mohanna, this reward is a national achievement for the airline, and he thanked the passengers for their continuous support and trust in the company. The airline will continue to serve in the same cost-effective manner to its customers and expand its business in the Middle East. Other awards given to this airline are the Top 100 Saudi Brands award from Prince Khaled Al-Faisal and Middle East’s Low-Cost Airline award given by World Travel Awards.

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Flynas has developed a Nasmiles program to give passengers exclusive benefits to make loyal customers feel good. After becoming a member of Nasmiles, customers can avail of exclusively customised benefits for them. Once a passenger joins this program, he gets enrolled for the Silver membership, and once he earns 15,000 SMILES Points, he gets promoted to Gold membership. Only 40,000 SMILE Points are required to get a Platinum membership. Flynas customers can avail of discounts in priority check-in, lounge access, seat selection, excess baggage discounts, etc. Customers can use these SMILE Points to book their next tickets, do shopping, or do other travel related activities. For Gold and Platinum members, the company offers lounge access, Wi-fi access, and hot meals.

Flynas routes across the globe

Flynas airline collaborates with Etihad Airways to cover more destinations across the globe. New routes in Saudi Arabia have been started, and hence passengers can now fly to 6 different cities in Eurasia and Europe. Passengers can travel to the Caucasus country through Flynas booking and can get a direct flight to Georgia. The airline also connects Riyadh to Vienna. Customers can travel to Tbilisi and Baku from Dammam and Vienna and Sarajevo from Jeddah.

Flynas covered Assiut and Sharm as the first international destinations, and later on, Saudi low-cost airlines covered Turkey, Pakistan, and other international destinations. Flynas connects Saudi Arabia and UK destinations through Jeddah-London Gatwick. This route was Flynas’ first ever for Europe, and later on, it added Lumpur, Jakarta, Kuala, Casablanca Islamabad and Manchester. Some other common routes of this flight include Antakya, Istanbul, Lahore, Karachi, Dammam, Turkey and Adana. In Saudi Arabia, the first-ever route connected was Khartoum. In all such successful operations, the codeshare agreement done with Etihad played a big role.


During Hajj, Flynas enjoys a great demand, and the airline goes that extra mile to fulfill the demand of pilgrims. During Hajj, the domestic routes of the airline comprises Jeddah-Riyadh, Jeddah- Dammam, and Dammam- Riyadh.

Flynas Umrah Services

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In 2018, ‘Flynas Umrah Services’ were introduced by the airline. This special service aims to serve the passengers going to ‘Umrah Pilgrims’ and ‘Holy Mosque.’ The Hajj and Umrah ministry has approved the service of Flynas to support the pilgrims during their travel in the Kingdom. Thus when the passengers travel with Flynas, their need for transportation, room, and hotels are taken care of. Flynas Umrah Services are thereby playing a pivotal role in increasing the number of passengers in Umrah pilgrims by providing them superior quality service during Hajj. More than 2 million people have enjoyed Flynas’ new service, which is expected to increase because this airline has enhanced the number of destinations. Pilgrims are happy to avail all the services when they arrive at the Kingdom and can smoothly perform all their religious activities.


During their travel with Flynas, passengers are offered Taif rose essence, chocolates, and Ajwa dates to let them know the heritage of Saudi and offer them good hospitality. The airline strives to make each passenger feel special and do all Hajj rituals with joy and peace.

With Flynas, it is easy to book flights without any trouble. This airline check-in is available through the web from Dubai International Airport and other airports in Saudi. Passengers can also avail the check-in options through the app, which opens before 48 hours of journey. Flynas will also let you know about the new routes and accommodation places, as the airline has tied up with many companies in most countries. Thus it is always better to book the flight with Flynas, as along with low-cost tickets, you can also avail transport from airport to city transfers in a pocket-friendly manner.

Bander Almohanna, CEO of Flynas said ‘’ Being a Saudi air carrier, there are multiple opportunities for us to expand because of the strategic location of the Kingdom and Saudi vision 2030 for air transport. We will continue to come up with airlines of different capabilities to reach new destinations and support the tour and travel industry. We also aim to support Hajj and Umrah pilgrims.”

He added that Flynas is in discussion with different airline manufacturers and is working on many drafting agreements.

All such factors make Flynas one of the most sought-after airlines, which many passengers like.

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