4 Tips For Choosing The Best Dabbing Accessories

Dabbing Accessories

One of the new ways to take cannabis and herbs is dabbing. This process involves taking a high concentration of cannabinoids (cannabis compound) or any other active ingredient found in concentrates using tools or accessories.  

A concentrate rig is a primary tool for dabbing. This dabbing paraphernalia is usually made of glass with quartz or titanium nail. Dab rigs resemble a water pipe or bong designed to inhale dense concentrates through water vapor. Other dabbing accessories that should come with your dab rig include dabbers, torches, and carb caps.  

If you don’t have any idea what to look for in dabbing accessories, here are some viable tips for choosing the best dabbing accessories to use.  

Determine Your Joint Gender  

A joint refers to the open socket that fits the right size of the bowl or replacement down-stem. This part of a dab rig, water pipe, or bong is where you can attach the dabbing accessories, such as dab nails. 

Joints have different types, including glass-on-glass and one with a rubber grommet. Glass-on-glass joints have gender. Here’s how to determine a male from a female joint: 

  • Female Joints  
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Female joints have a wider mouth, commonly used in water pipes. Hence, most dabbing accessories are inserted inside instead of on top of the joint. If you have a female joint, make sure that your bowl, dome, nail, and other dabbing accessories are male.  

  • Male Joints  

Most dab rigs have male joints, so you have to put dabbing accessories over a male joint rather than inside like a female joint. If you have a male joint, your adapters must be female. 

Choose The Right Nail  

Heating concentrates for dabbing can use a butane torch or electronic nail (E-nail). E-nails or nails are preferred by dabbers because they provide more precise, steady heating temperatures than torches.  

It’s vital to use the right nail for your rig when dabbing. Dab nails are heated up using an electronic heater coil or a torch to vaporize dabs or concentrates. Nails have different materials and choosing the right type will depend on your dabbing experience, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned user.  

Here are the different types of dab nails: 

  • Quartz Nails 

Quartz is easy to clean and thicker than ordinary glass but can easily break in extreme heat. Because of its inert material, the heat won’t affect the dab’s flavor and aroma, making it a highly preferred nail by most smokers. Additionally, almost all users have stated that quartz nails provide a ‘pure’ unadulterated experience. However, while quartz nails heat up quickly, they don’t retain heat fairly well.  

  • Ceramic Nails 
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Ceramic nails are slow heating. They’re perfectly suitable for low-temperature dabbing. In comparison to quartz, ceramic doesn’t break easily and has longer heat retention, eliminating the need for frequent reheating. Moreover, ceramic accessories have different colors that complement glass rigs. Although the ceramic parts are harder to find in the market than quartz and titanium. 

  • Titanium Nails 

Titanium nails are very durable and can withstand accidental drops and extreme temperatures. It can heat slower than quartz but faster than a ceramic nail. Since it has excellent heat retention, titanium nails are great for long dabbing sessions.  

If you want more information about dab nails, you can research online for shops in your area which offer them, such as Dr. Dabber E Nails to learn more. 

Choose The Right Carb Cap  

A carb cap is an important accessory for a more enjoyable dabbing session. They restrict airflow which reduces air pressure throughout the rig and the dabbing surface. As a result, the concentrate melts at a lower boiling point, creating a huge, thick vapor.  

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With a carb cap, you can enjoy the concentrate’s full flavor, aroma, and powerful effects, for either recreational or medical purposes. 

Carb caps come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and styles and can be made from glass, quartz, or titanium.  

Buy From A Reputable Seller  

Whatever dabbing accessories you want to buy, source them from a trusted seller. Check if the online shop has a good reputation by reading customer reviews and knowing their ratings.  

Find out the materials used and special instructions when using the dabbing accessories. Moreover, it’s best to deal with an online store that offers a money-back guarantee if you shop online, especially when buying expensive dabbing accessories. 


Choosing the best dabbing accessories involves considering significant factors, as mentioned above. You have to determine the right gender, types, and sizes of dabbing tools you need. Also, consider your experience level to guide you when shopping for dabbing tools to buy the best quality accessories on the market.

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