Facts Vs Myths: The Truth behind Online Casinos

Online Casinos

When it comes to playing on an online casino site, there are many myths and legends that surround the platforms and their games.

But, is what you’ve heard through the grapevine really true? Or is it something that was started to put players off from using the online sites and head to the land-based casino venues instead?

Well, we’re here to separate truth from myth, by looking at one rumour that’s been circulating the casino floors for decades – will you join us?

Scroll to uncover the facts.

The myth

One circulating myth is that you shouldn’t trust the casino games online, and how they’re fixed. They’re supposedly designed to take your money and give you hardly anything in return, and they favour certain players and accounts so, although you hear of them winning big, it’s all apparently a set up.


The Facts

The technology behind every game found within the virtual lobbies of an online casino has been designed to be fair, unbiased and equal for every player that logs in and presses play.

The technology behind this very important job is called a Random Number Generator, RNG for short. An RNG is computer software that, as its name suggests, randomly generates numbers every second, producing sequences of numbers that don’t follow a pattern or particular wave of data.

RNG software is embedded into every game you find online within any certified casino provider website, and in many physical slot machines you find in land-based casinos too. 

The software comes into play each time a player presses play or spin – each time you spin the reels of your favourite slot, such as Bigger Bass Bonanza, Eye Of Horus and Luck O’ The Irish Gold Spins for example, the RNG automatically gets to work configuring the outcome of your spin and determining whether or not you’re in for a win.


One great thing about the technology of a Random Number Generator is the fact it has no memory of past games, including the game before. This creates a fair, unbiased and equal chance for all players to potentially spin in the next winning combination and in turn, possibly win the jackpot attached to the game played.

Nobody knows what the next spin will entail, not even the Random Number Generator knows until it’s activated.

Plus, as this technology is weaved into every game, there’s no favoured player, site or game. There’s no such thing as one site producing more wins than the other, on purpose. There’s no such thing as favouritism between players and account holders. There’s no such thing as game tampering or ‘fixed’ gameplay. Everything is controlled and managed by the Random Number Generator.


So, have we filtered the fact from the myth? Will the tale as old as time of ‘fixed’ gameplay on online casino sites be banished once and for all? Or will this just be a myth that crops up from time to time? Who knows?

All we know is that gameplay, whether that be a slot machine on a virtual casino floor, or a physical one, will always use an RNG to calculate the outcome, keeping gameplay fair, trustworthy and unbiased.