Emberify Tips To Promote Your Blog Through Instagram

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Blogs are found everywhere nowadays. It is known that writing great content for your blog is necessary, but it also needs the right promotion strategy to bring traffic to your webpage. Here’s where the various social media platforms come into use. Instagram is an excellent place for you to grow your blog. With over 2 Billion users and as a constantly evolving social media network, Instagram allows you to engage with a broader audience. For instance, if you promote your blog using a story feature, you can buy instagram video views to garner additional views for your updates. It also provides excellent features and tools to help you be creative in marketing your blog. By using this visual platform, you can easily reach your target audience. So, here are a few simple ways to use Instagram to promote your blog and increase traffic to your page. 

Pick A Good Username

Picking a good username will help you to attract users and also will help them get familiar with your brand name. For example, you can use the name of your blog as your username, as it will be easier for the audience to find your page. A reader identifies a page with its name, so make your username catchy, and it will be great if it tells the audience the niche you deal with.

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Add A Creative Bio

Instagram allows you to introduce yourself to others with the help of its bio feature. A creative bio lets the audience know exactly what you do. It also allows you to add clickable tags related to your topic. You can also add a link to your blog’s bio that the audience can access. As Instagram bio allows you to add only one link at a time, you can use the help of tools such as link in bio and Linktree that helps you add multiple links to your various blogs. 

Interact With Your Audience Through Stories And Posts

Instagram stories are one of the best features to help hook your readers. Stories are viewed by a more significant number of people and will get a better reach. You can share glimpses of your blog in your stories, making your audience want to read the blog’s content. You can also link the blog to your story, making it more easily accessible. Instagram also gives a swipe-up feature in stories which takes the readers to your blog with a swipe. Understand your audience with the help of features such as polls and Q&A. A tip for more engaging stories is to spread your content in 3 or 4 slides with attractive visuals, songs, or gifs so that you can capture their attention as they tap across your stories.   

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Post pictures relevant to your blog and supports them with attractive captions. Use hashtags that the audience can use to reach your page. You can also Call To Action or CTA’s on your posts to ask users to visit a site or just like, share or comment on your post. This not only gets more traffic for your blog but also improves audience engagement on your Instagram posts. When you have more engagement, your posts will be more visible. 

Collaborate With Other Instagrammers

Identify Instagrammers with the same interests, interact with their content, or reach out to them to collaborate. By doing this, you can reach their followers, who can also be your potential target audience. Collaborations can be done by asking them to share your link on their stories and tagging you. You can also collaborate by working on blogs and giving each other credit. It is important to note that giving credit wherever required is necessary as it allows more people to trust your work. 

Be Consistent With Posting

Consistency is always the key. Instagram users depend mainly on consistency. It is important to keep posting daily to keep the audience engaged with your page. By not being consistent you might lose your followers, and potential followers may not feel it is worth following your page. Keeping a good amount of followers is necessary to get a wider reach for your blog through Instagram. The Instagram algorithm also suggests posting daily to help followers see your posts in their Instagram feed. Posting at the same time every day will be consistent and also for your audience to know when you post. 

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Make Use Of Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are one of the easiest ways to boost your blog’s traffic. Instagram ads are inexpensive and can send your audience to your blogs, website, or even your Instagram page. You can select your target audience or let Instagram do it for you. In addition, Instagram allows you to choose the goal of your ad, such as boosting a post or page or even promoting more visitors to a website. You need a Facebook account to create a free Instagram business account, and you are ready to start boosting your blog.  


Instagram is one of the most accessible and efficient platforms to boost traffic to your blog. The audience can reach your blog page with a click or a swipe. All you need is to be consistent and engage your audience with the suggestions given above. Try using Emberify in case of any traffic increase requirements. Now, get started and see your blog traffic increasing.