A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Meditation When Trying to Lose Weight


Carrying a little additional weight might have a considerable negative effect on one’s mental state. The endless cycle of weight gain, sadness, and reluctance to reduce weight may have a significant impact on your mental health. Worry not as there are ways to overcome this, and one of the most effective is meditation.

Meditation can significantly play an important role not just in someone’s journey to lose weight, but also aid in maintaining their current weight. While yoga is certainly not the most physically demanding of exercises, it is one of the most impactful methods available for dealing with mental health problems. However, it is also an excellent approach to help calm your mind and direct your thoughts toward a more optimistic perspective while you struggle to drop those excess pounds.

How Meditation Works

The practice of meditation helps in enhancing the mind’s concentration, enabling a person to get totally involved in a task and see it through to completion. Losing weight may become less challenging and more enjoyable as a result of this enhanced focus. When you are meditating, concentrate on what you desire for your body and how to get there. Moreover, while you are embracing your meditation habit, get your adrenaline pumping by doing some physical activities.


People’s willpower is also intensified when they reclaim a sense of control and mind as a result of practicing meditation. You want to lose weight, don’t you? Then you’ll go ahead and start executing it without reservation. Meditation can greatly help a person in gaining clarity of purpose and encouragement, enabling them to accomplish the goal of exercising not only being healthy but also start reducing weight.

In addition, meditation is an excellent way to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety; thus, people who are prone to stress eating can undoubtedly benefit from adopting a meditation habit. When stressful events occur or anxiety is aroused, the need to work out, comes first, followed by the desire to grab a sugary treat.

Recommendations on How to Meditate

Even if you are a long-time practitioner of meditation, there are always new ways how to meditate. When it comes to meditation, the saying “less is more” is undoubtedly true. Below are the following recommendations you need to try in order to really generate a calm atmosphere and not only experience the full effects of meditation, but also get the full advantages of it.


First, select a location in your house that is silent and does not get a lot of foot traffic. You don’t want any distractions when you’re practicing meditation, so finding a peaceful space is essential.

Second, lower the lights to the lowest possible level, or better yet, shut the drapes and light a few aromatic candles to establish a relaxing atmosphere. This will further calm you, and the fluttering flames will provide you with something to concentrate on while emptying your thoughts. Make use of soothing aromas such as lavender (which has been shown to help people relax and minimize tension), or a fragrance that reminds you of a joyful childhood experience, such as cinnamon spice or pumpkin pie or cinnamon spice.

Lastly, make a significant investment in a high-quality essential oil diffuser. Make use of this to fill the air around you with a pleasant aroma that will enable you to calm and relieve stress. It is important to exercise care while using either the diffuser or a candle since you do not want the air to become highly scented, as this might cause discomfort.

Take baby steps – if you are not accustomed to meditation, set aside five minutes each day for practice and then temporarily stop your participation. If you are not able to relax from the beginning, simply give it another shot. As you get more comfortable with your preferred meditation practice (which may include elements of several different routines), you may progressively raise the number of hours you spend meditating.

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Avoid inducing another round of stress and anxiety by obsessing about your weight, particularly during the Christmas season. The strategies you’ve learned today can help you mitigate your stress levels while also reconnecting with your inner self. Meditation is one of the most effective tools for teaching individuals to accept and love themselves completely as they are, and it is also a powerful technique for calming the mind. It allows individuals to calm down and just feel at peace, even if it is only for a little while. Make use of the concentration that meditation may provide you to establish an objective in mind (for example, losing weight before the holiday season) and then watch yourself achieve that goal over time. Besides, justifications have already been proved as to why meditation has been performed for thousands of years all across the world.

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