7 Reasons Why You Should Start Studying Late

Studying Late

Those who start studying late do not necessarily harm themselves. There are a number of advantages of starting exam preparation late. And these advantages can lead to the fact that it can even be wise NOT to study right from the start of the semester.

These seven reasons can justify this strategy:

You Have More Information

If you start repeating the exam material later in the semester, you will know more about the upcoming exam than at the beginning of the lecture period. This may be because you already know more about the most important topics, have gotten a solid overview, or your lecturer has given clear instructions.

This connection is logical in itself, but it is underestimated by many examinees. But the fact is: If you have collected more information about the upcoming exam situation, you can prepare more easily and effectively. You can better assess what your examiner values and exclude unimportant content more easily.

You Can Draw from the Full Range of Learning Materials

Most students who study from the first week of lectures have a serious problem: they only have a fraction of the relevant learning material at their disposal. Lecture slides, exercises, or seminar documents are often provided piece by piece by the lecturers; At least, at the beginning of the semester, all documents are released at once.

This means: If you study from week 1, you are bound to the rhythm at which your lecturers announce new information. And this frequency does not have to correspond to your study habits and can therefore slow you down. Conversely, this also means that if you wait to learn and start late, you can draw on the full and fall back on a wide range of learning documents. This availability promotes the productivity of your learning sessions and prevents the “idle” mentioned.

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You Concentrate on the Essential Content

If you assume that you can learn, understand and apply ALL the content for at least one of your subjects, I have to disappoint you. You will never be able to fit every detail of a module into your study plan – there is simply too much material and not enough time. You will always be forced to prioritize and focus on learning the most important content.

Many of your fellow students will not succeed in doing just that. Not because they are naive or untalented, but because they get bogged down. You spend too much time on small things and do not focus your exam preparation on the most important parts of the material. However, if you start studying late, you will automatically be forced to deal with the essential content. You simply don’t have time for trivial matters. The shortening of your preparation phase inevitably has a positive effect on the level of your prioritization. Of course, you can still focus on the wrong topics, but at least you are evaluating your collection of material and setting priorities – this is not something that can be taken for granted.

You Are Focused

On the home straight to the exam, many students develop tunnel vision. You learn with a high degree of concentration, block out any kind of distraction and head towards your goal with determination: pass the exam. During this time, you work in a more focused way than anywhere else. And do you know why? Because they have no other choice.

If you only start studying shortly before your exam, you have to make this task the center of your attention – otherwise, you will fail. You have no choice but to neglect other obligations, to-dos, and areas of life in order to get the most out of your exam success in a short time. Short exam preparation is not always successful, but efficient. Because you have to focus.

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You Don’t Waste Time

Scrolling through a website here, reading an article there, checking Facebook and WhatsApp in between Most of the learning sessions in the semester are not particularly productive. And there is a simple reason for this: there is still too much time left before the exam. This circumstance invites you to waste your time on distractions, unimportant tasks, and nonsense.

As soon as a resource is available in abundance, we humans tend to consume this resource in an inflationary manner. We consume thoughtlessly – until it is too late, there is a critical scarcity and we are forced to act. This applies to the areas of health, climate, money – and time. So if you don’t study most of the semester (and from that perspective you’ve wasted your time), you’ll be forced to forego wasting time just before your exam. On the other hand, if you keep wasting your time, you won’t reach your goal – and you don’t want that.

You Can Take Care of Other Projects Beforehand

The students who take care of their exam preparation during the first weeks and months of the semester have less free time to tackle interesting projects alongside their studies. These can be lucrative part-time jobs, interesting additional courses, or voluntary work. Political commitments, extensive travel, or the deepening of a hobby are also part of it.

If you focus your exam preparation on a specific, short period of the semester, you will give yourself the freedom to fully enjoy your student life. In combination with an essay writing service, you’ll be able to fully enjoy student life. How you shape this time is up to you and varies from person to person. Only one thing is important: You will very likely never again have the opportunity in your life (before retirement) to use so much time for your personal development.

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You Step out of Your Comfort Zone

Back to the top of the article: Remember how you felt the last time you started studying late? I guess you hated yourself. You felt pressured. Overwhelmed. Not up to the situation. And then you somehow made it. You weren’t 100 percent satisfied with the result, but you were content with what you made of the situation.

Even if you may not have had an impression: You grew in this situation. You pushed yourself to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself. You’ve accomplished something that you never thought you could do before. And that’s only because you started too late with your task and thus brought yourself to the brink of personal defeat.


It can be wise to start studying late. At first glance, too little preparation for the exam only has disadvantages – but in addition to the clearly negative aspects, there are many advantages that are not apparent at first glance. I have shown you the seven most important reasons in this article.

But with all the positive side effects, there’s one thing you can’t forget: If you start studying too late, you’re making life difficult for yourself. You take your student life on the wrong track without coercion and take an avoidable risk. That’s not particularly clever – but it’s not the end of the world either.

There will always be situations during your studies in which you run out of time through no fault of your own. In these phases, the approaches from above should build you up and give you new courage. Even if you only have a few days to study, you always have the chance to change course and set the course for success. All you need is the right strategy and a great deal of determination.

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