13 ideas for Bachelorette Party Photo Shoot – By Gennady Yagupov

bachelorette party

Getting together with girlfriends and sitting in a warm environment is a great idea for which there can be many occasions. But the most memorable will be the bachelorette party before the wedding: it is a celebration of the bride, who will soon receive the status of a wife, and there will be little time for girlfriends. And, therefore, this farewell evening of bachelor life should remain in memory forever.

Trouble on the organization of the party take over the girlfriends. The main thing is not only to come up with interesting options, but also to make a photo to remember. Traditional selfies are cute. But a bachelorette party photo session in a studio, equipped in a certain theme, will give the opportunity to get artistic pictures that will not be ashamed to show even the grandchildren! Check photos on Gennady Yagupov site.

Ideas for the party and bachelorette party photo shoots are always discussed with the bride. It is necessary to decide in what format and where the party will take place, what theme the heroine of the occasion prefers.

Discussion of important things

To organize a photo shoot, usually invite a professional photographer. A specialist knows how to choose props and successfully place them, and most importantly, how to choose the best angle so that all the girls look flawless. What questions need to be solved with the photographer?

  • About the location, theme and props for the photo session, if necessary – to rent a hall.
  • The time of the shoot and the deadline for the order.
  • What kind of photos you need – color or retro black and white.
  • Before ordering artistic processing, see an example of a retouched photo. If retouching is required, discuss what you would like to have retouched.
  • Find out what format the photos are made in – electronic or hard copy, and if there is a possibility of making a photo album, collage etc.

Agreeing with the photographer, you need to clarify all the details in advance to make the event a success. Find out if there is spare equipment, what services are charged extra and if it is possible to take test photos. If an outdoor photo shoot is planned, discuss an alternative in case of bad weather.


Studio shooting is a popular and advantageous option for the realization of ideas for a bachelorette party photo shoot. There are no restrictions, you can feel free. Good props and decorations, uninhibited fantasy girlfriends and professionalism of the photographer – the main thing for quality “live” pictures.

The most unusual and interesting photos are taken at theme parties. An experienced specialist will be able to recommend hundreds of original ideas for decorating a photo studio for bachelorette party shoots. Let us present a few examples of the possible.

Pajama party

This fun bachelorette party is in the style of home gatherings of friends. The interior of the bedroom in the photo studio is imitated with decorations – beds, armchairs, other furniture and thematic attributes (sheets, pillows, large soft toys, etc.) – everything that will create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Girls are dressed in themed clothes – pajamas, nightgowns, robes and soft slippers. The skill of the photographer and the imagination of the bridesmaids can create different subjects: for example, gambling with pillow fights or evening divination, girls’ nighttime “secret games” in front of the mirror or in bed, or the bride’s morning with her bridesmaids.


Photo shoot with “fun” signs

It is possible to organize a photo session with original tablets, which will be held in the hands of bridesmaids. Without five minutes the bride will be pleased to receive funny joking wishes from the bridesmaids, statements about the upcoming celebration, funny phrases about the life of the spouses, thematic aphorisms and piquant questions. These can be wooden or cardboard signs of rectangular, oval or round shape, often made in the form of a cloud.

The content of the plates depends on the imagination and creativity of the bridesmaids: “Party in full swing”, “I can’t wait to get married”, “The groom will not know…”, “First will be a boy!”, “The bride gang”, “I’m next!”, “Will they feed?”, etc. Of course, it’s more interesting if the lyrics are original – for that you have to work on them beforehand.

On the plot of the film

The original idea is a bachelorette party photo session based on the plot of some popular movie or TV series. There are many colorful famous movies, the characters of which can serve to create vivid images for the party. A good example is the TV series “Sex and the City”. Beautiful outfits, stylish heroine girlfriends, glamorous parties, love stories – all of this fascinates and inspires and suits the pre-wedding mood perfectly. Not bad suit the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Only Girls in Jazz”. An interesting and even creative might be a photo shoot on the series “The Witches of Eastwick”.

However, you will have to prepare properly: discuss the scenario, prepare more bright, glamorous clothes, jewelry and high-heeled shoes. But the hair and makeup, of course, is better to trust the stylists who will create voluminous styling with curls or light waves and make-up, putting bright accents. The attributes include funny handbags, bracelets with rhinestones and decorations for cocktails. A table in a cafe or restaurant can be a decoration.


The Wild West as an idea for a photo shoot is a topical solution. Shooting a story in cowboy style is always appealing. Indeed, it is interesting to feel like a tough girl, a heroine of a western. The clothes are cowboy hats, leather vests, plaid shirts, jeans, sharp-nosed boots and neck scarves. Attributes – holster with toy guns, lasso, you can add a sheriff’s star. Hairstyles are simple – loose hair or braided into two braids. The makeup is close to natural, though the lipstick can be bright.

For decorations suit the interior of the salon: a rough wooden table with beer mugs, a barrel, bales with hay, cactuses. It is interesting if on the wall will be the inscription “Wanted” with a photo of the groom, processed by photoshop.


Ethnic style

One of the common options for bachelorette parties and photo shoots is an ethnic style. It enjoys popularity, thanks to the thematic diversity. After all, ethnicity is the ability to use the attributes of different nationalities, a flight for the imagination. Images can be anything: a mysterious Egyptian or seductive Indian, a passionate gypsy, a gentle Russian beauty. Style features are bright colors, natural fabrics, ethnic outfits, which depend on the chosen ethnicity.

It is necessary to choose the right accessories and bijouterie, which play an important role for this theme: beads, necklaces, bracelets, earrings made of natural materials (copper, wood, leather, glass). Headdresses, wreaths, ribbons in the hair – depending on the image being created. In the decoration of the photo area, decor typical of the people in question is used.


Photoshoot with this bachelorette party – bright, incendiary – can be organized both on the beach and in the studio. The main thing – the appropriate accessories for the event. For a party in the style of Hawaii – these are exotic fruits, banana leaves, bright large flowers. Hawaiian decorations lei – garlands of flowers and fruit – hang on the walls and chairs. On the table – baskets of fruit, flowers and cocktails with decorations. Artificial palm trees can serve as decorations. Girls’ clothes are light skirts of thin fabric and garlands of flowers on the neck, bracelets on the hands. Makeup can be with bright accents, hair is usually loose. If there is no possibility to get natural garlands, make do with artificial accessories that are available in the photo studio.


The Great Gatsby bachelorette party is a retro style that takes you back to the 1920s. It’s a time of jazz, fancy parties and sparkly outfits. Dress up in vintage cocktail dresses with open shoulders and fur capes, create elegant hairstyles, adorned with a feather or an elegant hat. Bright makeup, jewelry, and champagne glasses in hand. Recreate the bohemian atmosphere of the great Gatsby’s parties!


The pin-up trend is somewhat reminiscent of country music, it’s a retro style. Spectacular dresses no higher than knees with fluffy skirts and floral patterns or in polka dots, neat hairstyles with curls or puffed hair, denim shorts with a plaid shirt, closed bathing suits in the 60’s style, headbands of variegated bright colors – the main signs of pin-up. For a dress – narrow-legged shoes with heels, for “hooligan” in jeans – moccasins. Earrings-rings, and multicolored bracelets will complement the style. The interior is decorated in the style of American cinema of the 60-70’s: on the walls you can hang newspaper clippings, pictures from magazines, photos of idols of the time: Betty Page, Pollett Goddard, Anita Ekberg, Brigitte Bardot.

Marine theme

A traditional, now classic, but no less appealing option. It’s so easy to organize a nautical party: wear turtlenecks, navy t-shirts or T-shirts and short skirts or denim shorts, a navy cap with a crab on it’s head, that’s the whole image. Ideally, if the studio can be decorated in the form of a wardroom or the deck of a ship. Accessories that can be used for decorations: a helm, compass, starfish, maps, and spyglass.



Loft style parties and photo shoots are a popular trend . It is a combination of vintage elements with modern details that give the retro a completely different, original look. It is minimalism combined with the nobility of the classics. The decor uses gold shades, brick, gray, black, white colors. Simple clear forms are combined with refined elements: a simple wooden table, strict tableware and bronze twisted candlesticks, candles, lace and other light fabrics. Another spectacular element of the decor is the luminous letters on the wall.

Clothing – light silk or lace flowing dresses in light colors. Hairstyles – loose hair, slightly curled, which can be pulled by a string of beads or a headband, decorated with flowers from fabric.


What is good for a party in the style of fantasy – a huge choice of styles. After all, there are so many fairy tales and fantasy in the world, the main thing is to choose from them the right one. The decoration will depend on who you want to feel: the heroines of stories about knights and princesses, little fairies with wings fluttering over flowers, and maybe evil witches or powerful elves.

This option is not often inclined to, it assumes a wide range of choices, but also extensive preparation: you need to think about interior design and will likely have to sew costumes, because the characters should be spectacular and recognizable.


If you like strict classics and unusual decisions – you can wear a tuxedo. By the way, tuxedos are not required, you can wear just a strict black suit or a white shirt with a bow tie and pants. On the one hand, this is a traditional style, on the other hand – a girl in a tuxedo is an extraordinary phenomenon. The makeup is discreet, but the lipstick should be bright. Stylish, austere and unusual. And after the photoshoot you can continue the bachelorette party in the classic style or change into something more democratic.

White party

Chic decision for a hen night: bridesmaids put on white dresses together with her! It is beautiful, interesting and attractive: everyone will have a chance to feel as a newlywed! Of course, the hero of the occasion must wear the most spectacular gown. However, she can stand out by complementing her outfit with a veil or a veil. White is the color of purity and tenderness, so the white party will be inappropriate bright flashy makeup and complex pretentious hairstyles. Everything in moderation and modest, but with taste.


These are just some ideas for a fun memorable bachelorette party with your girlfriends. There are many options, they can be perfected, supplemented and even combined. Ideas can be the most daring.

And the main thing is to remember, for whom such a large-scale event is organized. Let the bride, who wants to take a break from the pre-wedding worries and enjoy the feast arranged for her, always be in the center of attention and photo session.