Top Spots for a Dreamy Date

Dreamy Date places

Clubs and nightclubs became no-go zones very quickly with rampant fights and disease spreading. The best spots to meet and make new friends happen to be online portals. Many have found love and companionship on contemporary relationship sites.

Once you find these dreamy girls online, the next hurdle is where to take them. While bars might seem like an ideal place, it is better to avoid them if you want a memorable date. The experiences in bars leave little to be desired.  There are a few places one can visit to create memorable and epic Kodak moments.

Contemporary Dating

While online dating handles the matchmaking bit, there is plenty left to be done on a local level. When real life happens men and women need to communicate on the ground, not online or via phones. Chatting online is one thing but facing them while flirting is quite another. After finding a hot woman from Russia online, bonding is necessary. So where do you take this lovely lady for the first and possibly subsequent dates?



Take walks with this dreamy lady around parks but not shady ones. These walks should be during the day too, for the idea is to stare into each other’s eyes while enjoying summer or fall. The best walks might be with a dog, or around dog parks. You can meet dog lovers and perhaps become one yourself. If you love animals, she will stick around. No lady doesn’t like an animal lover and if you have a pet dog, take it with you.

Ice Rink

You cannot go wrong ice skating at a rink, and if you don’t know how then learn together. It is the best sport to engage in and bond together. Skating as a couple involves trust too, especially when falls are concerned. Relying on you to teach her how to skate and ensure she won’t fall is a step forward. The ice rink offers better experiences because of crowds too. Most members visit while sober, with less need to fight. All stress is released while skating; hence you will have memorable moments there.



Take a cruise on a ship and see some far-off places and experience new cultures. If you met in a busy metropolis like New York or London, take time off to visit a European town. You can visit some spots in Africa too. The idea is to both learn something new while together. You get to know each other and learn tolerance levels too. If one partner doesn’t seem too tolerant of other cultures, you might not work out as a couple either.


Ladies love a man that can cook so test your culinary skills with her. If she’s a keeper she will laugh at your mess-ups but all for good humor. Try cooking some untried recipes together. Pick up on where her cooking skills lie while bonding away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Bars and clubs won’t fine-tune the bonding process quite as well.  Restaurants are a great place for intimacy too if they have private booths. But what better to bond than over home-cooked meals and total privacy?


Bottom Line

Most of us can think of numerous other ways and places to meet for that first date with a dream girl. The above ways are safe and calmer and provide the ambiance and efficiency you need to know your partner. After flirting with her online, meeting physically can make or break any hope of a future together. It is thus important that the environment is conducive.