Sebastián Beccacece vs a Refrigerator

Sebastián Beccacece

Jorge Sampaoli’s spell as manager of the Argentinian national team is remembered by many as a joke. Fans can visit the new online betting sites Pakistan – 1xBet can be used to wager on the Argentinian national side too.

There were many episodes that led to the disaster that Argentina suffered in the 2018 FIFA World Cup under Sampaoli. One of them was when his assistant, Sebastián Beccacece, apparently tried to “teach Messi how to shoot” during a training session. Obviously, this is something that the Barcelona legend didn’t take too well. The 1xBet Pakistan betting sites are new online bookmakers full of wagering opportunities on major football competitions as well. Yet, as it will be discussed here, this was not the only time when Beccacece was part of a bizarre story.

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A heated derby

On the 27th of August 2016, Chilean teams Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católica were playing an entertaining derby. The website is filled with wagering possibilities on other derbies that take place all over the world. Universidad Católica won the match 3-0, and the goals were scored by:

  • an own goal from Gonzalo Jara;
  • Diego Buonanotte;
  • and Nicolás Castillo.

Beccacece was the head coach of Universidad de Chile at the time, the team which lost this derby. By the 86th minute, and with his team already 2-0 down, the referee awarded a penalty to Universidad Católica. If you want to wager on penalty kicks, 1xBet is your best choice.

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Playing at the national side

The Argentinian coach wasn’t happy about the referee’s decision. Different people might react in different ways. Some individuals might swear, others might throw bottles and others might try to talk directly to the referee. Yet, Beccacece innovated with a new way of venting frustrations. He kicked and toppled a refrigerator full of isotonic drinks. The 1xBet application for mobile bets also allows punters to wager on all kinds of decisions made by referees.

We are not sure if psychologists might prescribe toppling fridges as an anger management tool. However, we can be completely sure that the referee was not happy about what the coach did, as he sent him off the field.

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The brand that supplied the refrigerator and its drinks stated a few hours after the match that “the refrigerator was in good condition”. Hopefully the poor machine didn’t miss too many matches after being cowardly attacked. Speaking about football matches, the application provided by 1xBet for mobile bets features hundreds of events of this kind.

Beccacece later stated that he did this because of all the frustration he felt. But the most important question still remains. Was the refrigerator’s fault that Universidad de Chile lost the match?