Right Style & Setting of Bridal Jewelry Featuring Lab-Grown Diamond

Engagement Ring

Are you planning to buy bridal jewelry, such as an engagement ring, for your partner? It is important to know that it doesn’t have to be made of natural diamonds. There is a wide variety of engagement rings featuring lab-grown diamonds. Such pieces of jewellery are environmentally friendly and conflict-free. However, the selection process requires careful consideration regarding the style and setting. Careful selection is necessary because you want a visually appealing piece. Here are the factors to consider.

Your Spouse’s Style

You should start by considering your spouse’s style when choosing bridal jewelry like lab rings. Ensure that you understand their style, whether it is vintage, classic, or modern. This process entails observing their current jewelry to get a clue of what they like. You can also ask their friends or family to get an insight into their style. Closely observing their personality can also help you identify the type of ring they will like. Once you do so, you can select the ring with a setting that complements their style. 


Right Metal for the Setting 

Also, consider the metal for the setting as it affects the overall look. This is because the metals come in various colours, which can influence the gemstone’s appearance. The metal choice also contributes to the ring’s style as it can make it look traditional, modern, or vintage. In addition, the metal’s density affects the ring’s weight, which can influence its functionality. Therefore, ensure that the metal for the setting will complement the rings’ appearance in various ways. Some of the best options include:

Durability of the Setting

For the right style and setting, you should consider how often your spouse will be wearing the ring and choose a durable setting. Some of the darker settings are bezel, prong, flush, and channel. For the bezel, the setting encases the lab-grown diamond in a metal rim, which offers it excellent protection. This setting reduces the likelihood of snagging on clothing or other objects. In the channel setting, the gemstone is set into a channel within the band, which provides good protection to the stone’s edges. Read the product description to determine the setting. 


The Lab-Grown Diamond’s Cut

The diamond’s cut also affects the setting style. This is because it determines the stone’s ability to reflect light. Therefore, you should consider it for a style that your spouse will like. Look at the shape to identify the best cut. For instance, the round brilliant cut or oval one can be ideal due to the high level of sparkle. A well-cut diamond will also have the right proportion that ensures maximum light return. If possible, you should look at the cut grades, an indicator of brilliance. 

The Rings’ Profile

This refers to how the lab rings look from the side. Some settings sit high on the finger, while others are flusher. You should consider this factor as it determines how comfortable and practical the rings will be on everyday wear. This entails considering the shape and size of the fingers to determine the comfort level. It will help to consult a professional to get the right profile. 


Buying an engagement ring is the best way to show your spouse how committed you are. It is worth noting that it’s not a must for it to be made of natural diamond. There are affordable ones made from lab-grown diamonds that you can choose from. Use the information you have read here to choose the right style and setting.