How To Make Your Orthodontic Practice More Profitable


Orthodontist practices have been hit hard by the global coronavirus pandemic, with some having to resort to either operating at a reduced capacity or closing their doors altogether. However, if you have a practice that has survived but could do with some help in becoming more profitable then you are in the right place. 

Luckily for the owners of orthodontic practices there are a number of tactics and techniques that can be adopted in order to bring more money into the business. Some of the most effective ones are discussed below in detail.

Build a great patient experience

Providing your patients with a great experience can be the difference between them deciding to use your practice or another competitor. Word of good service travels around communities quickly and helps to trust with both your current patients, as well as with potential new patients. In order to do this, you should focus on creating meaningful interactions with patients, providing a consistently good experience, encouraging staff to develop their skills, and making sure the practice looks aesthetically pleasing. 

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Increase marketing and branding

Whilst keeping your current patients will enable your practice to stay out of the red, it can only truly become more profitable if it is able to attract new patients. By adopting an effective marketing strategy developed by HIP Creative, your practice will successfully be able to attract many more new patients and thus increase profits. Being persistent with marketing and branding will help to keep your business at the front of everyone’s mind within the local community. 

Put together a strong team

The staff in your orthodontic practice really do have the ability to make or break the business. It is them who really help to shape the overall patient experience and so have a massive influence on how patients view your practice and the services you provide. This is why it is essential to employ the best people for the job and do everything that you can to retain them and their skillset. One way of doing this is by continually providing them with lots of training opportunities and to make them feel valued – whether that be with a good salary or by providing certain perks, such as a company car.

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Have an efficient appointment booking system

It is difficult for a practice to make a profit without having a good working appointment booking system in place. Ensure that the system works for not only your practice but for you patients also, as this will help to improve workflow and increase productivity. 

Introduce patient retention strategies

Lots of practices have patients on their system that have only visited once and never again. This issue needs to be resolved in order to boost profits. It is often the case that patient databases are underutilized even though they can be a successful tool for patient retention. Use this information to reach out to patients to make them aware of any new services you are offering etc. to keep your practice front of mind.  

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