How to Lead a Team of Software Developers in 2022

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To succeed in your obligations and responsibilities as a tech lead, you’ll require a distinct skill set. Although there is no specific formula for success, the position often presents its own set of difficult situations, such as managing a group of developers and growing your business.

Being a Non-Techie Leader of Software Teams

In many respects, managing a team of developers is similar to managing any other team. You do not absolutely need to be able to code to comprehend how your team does tasks. Even if you don’t understand the technical parts of programming and architecture, you may still understand their typical challenges, go-to resources, and best practices.

You must get familiar with the telltale signals that something is about to fail. Establish a positive workplace culture and do your best to lead without micromanaging.

Meanwhile, astute managers are aware of the particular requirements and difficulties faced by development teams. You’re at the correct spot if you’re looking to learn more about managing software projects. 

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How to Lead a Team of Software Developers

Project management and software development are closely related since developers often follow the SDLC. Software project management, in its simplest form, is a plan for completing the work necessary to bring about a desired outcome throughout the software creation and distribution phases. There are techniques used to carry out the projects within the SDLC.

Outline and Explain Expectations Clearly

When directing a software development team, the key to success is clearly identifying and sketching out needs. To make sure all developers are on the same page and working on the right things, it’s helpful to define the development project’s scope and save the corresponding deliverables in a common spot inside your project management platform.

Putting the requirements in writing and agreeing to them can also help stop scope creep and requests for new features at the last minute, which can add to the work.

Assign Developers to Projects in Accordance

The to-do lists for your developers can grow very long. When errors are identified, bugs need to be fixed immediately, and new code has to be produced, it might be difficult for them to prioritize their responsibilities.

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Using project management software, you can give each team member a task to complete in order to keep your team on track. This helps you and your teams to see what tasks are now being worked on or will be coming up in the near future, allowing you to pivot and reassign work as required when urgent demands emerge.

Keep Track of Due Dates

What does the failure of the team to achieve the intended result within the specified period cost your customers or your organization? Missed deadlines endanger you and your team, and although these dates may be estimations rather than firm promises, keeping track of them is critical to success.

If your team is in the middle of a sprint and is aware that the work scope will not be finished by the initial deadline, you may proactively inform all important stakeholders.

Because not all jobs are given the same due dates, project management software is useful for managing deadlines because it allows you to monitor numerous due dates at once and see how they compare to one another.

Share and Distribute Files All at One Location

Information sharing, cross-collaboration, and the ability to communicate quickly and effectively with your team will allow you to be the greatest manager possible. Project management software may make the process of disseminating information more efficient rather than sending out a barrage of emails or using a chat platform.

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Gather the information your engineers will be interested in from communications you receive from higher-ups or other non-technical teams. Giving your staff more time to concentrate on their task by making that information easier to understand.

Keep Track of Fresh Information

Project management software packages often feature real-time reporting capabilities, such as time tracking and task completion reports, to graphically depict your team’s output.

Managers may benefit from in-depth analytics and insights about their teams’ projects and activities by using this data to spot holes in resources, resolve conflicts between tasks or deadlines, and gauge the full capacity of their teams.


Great tech leads don’t appear out of thin air. They begin by outlining their team’s mission. Through mentoring, work allocation, and feedback, their team creates a talent ecosystem. Because they accepted obstacles, maintained their resolve, and kept their attention on solutions, they developed their talents and rose to the top.