The Steps To Fixing A Squeaky Bed

how to fix a squeaky bed

The most common cause of squeaks is the box spring. Test the spring against the floor and mattress to see if the noise is due to a loose or damaged spring. If the squeak is not expected to the mattress or box spring, it is likely a wooden surface rubbing against something. You can buy a new box spring from a discount store or purchase a brand-new one.

Loose joints or screws can cause the squeaking of a bed. You can check these joints with WD-40 or a similar lubricant. You should tighten the bolts and nuts if you still hear the noise. If the screws are tight, the squeaking should cease. If the problem persists, you can try other methods. Another way to fix the squeaking of a bed is to use a wax candle as a remedy. You can rub the candle over the joint until it becomes silent.

To resolve the squeaking of a bed, check the frame and box spring. There are many steps to make a bed, and the problem may be in any of them. In some cases, squeaking is caused by wood-on-wood contact. Candle or beeswax can be applied to the frames to help reduce friction. If the squeaks are due to a wooden-on-wood connection, the cause of the problem can be determined by cleaning the affected area. Otherwise, you can seek professional assistance.

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Why Is My Bed Squeaking?

The Box Spring

There are several reasons why your bed is squeaking. The most common cause is the box spring. The box spring should be tested to see if it’s loose. If it is, it’s likely an old spring or wood that’s rubbing against something. If the boxspring is old and worn, you can buy a new one at a discount on Amazon. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can try lubricant-treated screws.

Loose Headboard

A loose headboard can also cause a noisy bed. The headboard may be rubbing against the wall. Pull the mattress away from the wall and tighten the screws to reduce the noise. If the screws are loosened, try using a rubber washer instead of the metal washer. Tightening these screws should stop the noise. If the screws are tight enough, replace the faulty screws.

The Joints

The squeaky joints can also be the cause of the noise. To eliminate the problem, you can spray WD-40 on the metal parts of the frame and the individual springs. To fix the problem, you can also apply several coats of professional oils. Keep in mind that these remedies may not solve the problem permanently. A new bed frame may be necessary if the squeaky joints are the reason behind the squeaky sound.

Loose Spring And Coils

The squeaky sound can be a result of loose springs and coils. In this case, you can rotate the bed by 180 degrees. This should help alleviate the problem. When you rotate your bed, you can try to locate the noisy area. Then, you can roll the mattress 180 degrees to find the squeaking spot. After turning the mattress, you can try to listen to the noise.

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Slats can cause squeaky beds in the frame. To eliminate this problem, you should cushion the slats with small cushions to prevent them from running against the bed frame. Otherwise, it would help find a medium-sized pillow and flip it around to avoid recurring problems. This will help keep the slats parallel. Alternatively, spraying the coils with foam or water-based solutions will also help.

Tips To Fix A Squeaky Bed

If your bed or mattress is making noise, there are several ways to fix a squeaky mattress.

Try Lubricating The Joints

The first thing to try is lubricating the joints. To do this, buy siliconized lubricant from a hardware store and apply it to the joint components. Once done, put back the screws and bolts. But be careful not to overtighten them. This could cause more squeaking.

Tighten The Screws

Loose or worn-out bolts usually cause squeaks. You need to tighten the screws or bolts firmly. If you can’t get them tight, the problem may be in another part of the bed. To fix this problem, separate the bed items and inspect each separately. Then, you can apply wax to the contacts. However, you’ll have to apply wax more than once.

Separate Each Piece From The Other

To fix a squeaky bed, separate each piece from the other. The squeaks may originate from the frame or box spring, so check each separately. In some cases, the joints are the culprit. If you suspect a joint, tighten it with WD-40. If you still have a problem, you can apply vegetable oil or wax to the joints to prevent squeaking. But make sure you reapply the wax regularly.

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Use WD-40

If you have trouble removing the squeaky bed, you can use WD-40 to remove the friction. This is a great way to lubricate metal surfaces. You can also spray WD-40 on the mattress and box spring to remove the squeaky bed. Afterward, simply put the mattress back on the frame, and you’ll be good to go.

Roll The Mattress

Loose joints or a loose bolt may cause a squeaky bed. To determine which part of the bed is causing the squeak, gently roll the mattress and box spring across the frame to locate the noisy area. Then, rub the wax over the contact points with a soft cloth or a cloth. Repeat this process until the squeaks disappear.

Check The Frame

If your bed is not squeaky, you need to look at the frame. It is possible to hear a noise from the box spring. You can test this by rubbing the mattress against the floor. Older spring mattresses will squeak when rolled around, while memory foam mattresses are quieter. If the noise comes from the box spring, you should replace it. If your bed frame isn’t squeaky, replace the box spring.


The squeaking of a bed can be a problem in any home. The noise could be coming from the box spring, the frame, or the mattress. To eliminate the squeak, try applying wax or lubrication to the joints. If lubricants do not work, try another method, such as wax. However, lubricant should only be used on metal parts.

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