Hula Hands Lovely hula hands, graceful as a bird in motionRiding like the dove over the ocean, lovely hula handsKah Li ma na ni’eaLovely hula hands, telling of the rain in the valleysAnd the swirling winds over Na’ Pali, lovely hula handsKah Li ma na ni’ea I can feel theContinue Reading

JT First Day Out [Pee:] J.T., I-I’m ready for you to come home, man[JT & (Yung Miami):]Okay, PeeI remember when you first, like, went off on us about making musicWe turned out made two whole, like, albums(You know what I’m sayin’?You done turned hoodrats into some superstars, manFor real, hahahaha) [JT:]WhenContinue Reading

Tall Woman My hardened heart is frozen, weathered one too many wintersI no more smell the roses, I woke to watch ’em witherI’m mister optimistic, but I’m missing my missusSo now I feel my ringless fingers reaching for my mistressI’m afflicted with a wicked disease which I never wish toContinue Reading

Whatever You Need Best cold in the worldRound threeYou dig?(SK) YeahPretty brown skinGive you my heartbeatJacquees Here I go again (Yeah)Tryna get your body right, (Wha? Yeah) I always get your body right, yeah (For sure)You know we ’bout to sin (Damn)Pray the Lord forgives me for everything, oh, I’mContinue Reading