Doomsday Bastion of SanctuaryThis is the day that everything will fallA look of fear caught in the lightningYour judgement day is coming once and for all An anthem of death sings out a cryA whispering voice invading your mindYou’re stuck in the web and caught in the lieAll corrupted, soContinue Reading

Dip Doodle Jabawokee ding dong slip slap sleeDipstick paddywhack pee pee googalee geePolly wolly sling slang skooey dibbely dooWing wong ping pong king kong Cheech ‘n Chong hop hip kagagoogoo Hickory dickory slickory flip flap dip skip to my louFlim flam wham blam Sam bam Cunningham whack snack koochie koochieContinue Reading

Don’t Trip [Intro]Uh Yea, Oh YeaTrin’ Being I’ve Got YaYea I’m On That Syzurp myYa Off TheHey! Hey! [1st Verse: Lil Wayne]Go by the name of Weezie F.An fuck em out the belly store with ten bags?Fly as a mother fucker girly on my stapleCause her friends say I’m aContinue Reading

Don’t Ah lahmlahlahAh lahmlahlah I met this girl late last yearShe said, “Don’t you worry if I disappear.”I told her I’m not really looking for another mistakeI called an old friend thinking that the trouble would waitBut then I jump right inA week later returnedI reckon she was only lookingContinue Reading

Don’t Lose Sight Are you kidding meI’m getting sick of the industryI’ve had enough of the make-believeOh please, oh pleaseAm I lost or foundI’m getting sick of the ups and downsNo need to give me the run aroundI’m out, I’m out This shit’s gonna kill meBut I won’t let itAndContinue Reading

Don’t Do It Baby don’t you do it, don’t do itDon’t you break my heartPleeeeease don’t do it, don’t you break my heart A sacrifice would make you happy if nothing for myselfNow you wanna leave me for the love of someone elseMy pride is all gone whether I’m rightContinue Reading